Church Clipart

Free Christian Images for Powerpoint

Add the title information, a photo or graphic image on these background images you just downloaded. You also can use them for school projects, or as sermon and music worship background for your church services. All backgrounds and graphics available here are optimized for popular digital projectors using PowerPoint, Keynote, EasyWorship, and others. Although they are free, you are NOT allowed to use them for commercial usage.
On this page, you can download PowerPoint backgrounds for use in the office, classroom, or church. Select our themes collection and colored theme designs. They can be applied as presentation template designs in many other programs i.e. Microsoft PowerPoint, Keynotes, or other popular presentation apps. Take full control over your PowerPoint presentation by editing these images. These are ready-to-use templates that may increase your presentation value.

free christian images for powerpoint

Totally free PowerPoint templates and themes that you simply can download are available right here. Customize your presentation by including this clip art. You are able to edit the slide background, color, and so on.

Download: free christian images for powerpoint

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